Quality of Bag-in-Boxes (Baginbox)

A Bag-in-Box, what is it?

A Bag-in-Box or BiB is a type of container for the storage and transportation of liquids. It consists of a strong bladder (or plastic bag), usually made of several layers of metallised film or other plastics, seated inside a corrugated fiberboard box.


Advantage of Bag-In-Box

Ecological: A Bag-in-box is more environmentally friendly than bottled wine. The bag allows a contents of 3-10 litres, so that far less packaging mass is required. The material it is made from is very light, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions caused by transport (as opposed to glass containers, which weigh much more).

Practical:A Bag-in-box is lighter, far easier to handle and transport than bottled wine.

Preservation:Unlike bottled wine which goes bad a few days after opening, boxed wine stays fresh for weeks after opening since the vacuum-sealed pouch does not allow the wine to be exposed to air.


On which occasion

Low-Consuption: After opening, wine in a bottle it is oxidised by air in the bottle which has displaced the wine poured; wine in a bag is not touched by air and thus not subject to oxidation until it is dispensed. Cask wine is not subject to cork taint or spoilage due to slow consumption after opening.

A party: With your friends or your family, the bag-in-boxes are ideal for your partys.

For restaurants: Single glasses, half-carafes, and carafes are offered at affordable prices to diners and patrons.

Bag-In-Box with family